• Keeping Kids Safe

    Kids spend 80% of their time out of school.
  • Cultivating Success

    Our Youth Development programs ensure kids are engaged in positive activities when not in the classroom.
  • Building Bright Futures

    Serving at-risk youth, our programs are offered year-round at little or no cost to families.


Youth Learned New
Skills & Developed
Their Potential Last Year

Celebrating Success

“I want to help youth grow up and get the help they need.”


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Youth Development

Our Youth Development programs empower youth ages 11-24 to build bright futures. Within our walls, youth are safe and supported as they overcome challenges, build new skills, gain experiences and develop the habits and attitudes that will help them to achieve success in the classroom, workplace and community.

Core Programs & Services Include:

Youth Achievers Program

Promoting Positive Choices

Youth Achievers Program (YAP): Equips at-risk youth in grades 6-8 with the skills, attitudes and experiences they will need to succeed and grow. After-school and summer programming focuses on life skills, academic enrichment and healthy minds/bodies.

For more information about YAP or the enrollment process, call (651) 222-3741 or email youth@ywcaofstpaul.org.

YAP Flyer

IMPACT Program

Keeping Teens in School & Focused on the Future

IMPACT Program: Prepares at-risk youth ages 15-24 for high school graduation, post-secondary education, training and work. Activities focus on expanding aspirations, building academic skills, fostering personal/social responsibility and improving work readiness.

For more information about IMPACT, or the enrollment process call (651) 222-3741 or email youth@ywcaofstpaul.org.